What to Watch This Week: Breaking Bad Returns

| 16 Feb 2015 | 09:37

    BY Magdalena Burnham Monday ? July 9   Eureka   The SmartDust control unit breaks, causing the town's communication system to go haywire. The bio-printer vanishes and Holly is acting weird. That doesn't sound that dramatic after last week's episode brought up the possibility that the population of Eureka might be destroyed forever.  Airs at 9:00 on Syfy.   Also On:   8:00 ? Hell's Kitchen (Fox)   8:00 ? The Bachelorette (ABC)   10:00 ? Teen Wolf (MTV)   Tuesday ? July 10   White Collar   Finally, one of the best and handsomest shows on TV is back! This one has Neal and Mozzie being adorable on a remote island while Peter tries to find Neal and warn him about a bounty hunter on his trail. Airs at 9:00 on USA.   Also On:   8:00 ? Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)   10:00 ? The Glee Project (Oxygen)   10:00 ? Franklin & Bash (TNT)   Wednesday ? July 11   Futurama   Zapp Brannigan starts dating Leela's mom. I think that's weird and gross and I betcha Leela will agree. Airs at 10:00 on Comedy Central.   Also On:   8:00 ? Melissa & Joey (ABC Family)   9:00 ? Dallas (TNT)   10:00 ? The Soup (E!)   Thursday ? July 12   Suits   Harvey's enemy returns, which will really grind my gears, but on the plus side Mike and Louis become closer as friends. BFF! Airs at 10:00 on USA.   Also On:   9:00 ? Burn Notice (USA)   10:00 ? Rookie Blue (ABC)   10:30 ? Awkward. (MTV)   Friday ? July 13   Live! with Kelly   Ray Romano is the guest and SNL hunk Seth Meyers co-hosts. Airs at 9:00 AM on ABC.   Also On:   8:00 ? A.N.T. Farm (Disney)   10:00 ? Common Law (USA)   10:30 ? Bunk (IFC)   Saturday ? July 14   Merlin   In the first episode, Camelot hosts a peace conference. Then in the second episode, a ruthless warlock asks Morgana for help. Episodes air at 9:00 and 10:00 on BBC.   Also On:   9:00 ? The Suze Orman Show (CNBC)   Sunday ? July 15   Breaking Bad   Season premiere! Walt must deal with the aftermath of the explosion as Hank wraps up the investigation of Gus. Airs at 10:00 on AMC.   Also On:   9:00 ? True Blood (HBO)   9:00 ? Falling Skies (TNT)   10:00 ? Weeds (Showtime)