Three captains lead Goshen girls’ soccer team

Goshen. Three captains are leading the Goshen girls’ soccer team to a winning record during the Fall 2 soccer season. Two of the captains - Holly Bachorik and Emma Wapshare - are seniors, while Jillian Brosnan is a junior.

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| 05 Apr 2021 | 11:35

In the very trying times that occurring globally due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, having not just leadership, but the proper kind of leadership is vital to success. This most definitely pertains to the realm of athletics.

The Goshen High School girls soccer program is fortunate in that they have a trio of captains on the roster who demonstrate the correct way to conduct themselves on and off the pitch.

Holly Bachorik, Emma Wapshare both seniors and, Jillian Brosnan, a junior, are the Gladiators’ captains this year.

“I chose these captains because of their leadership on and off the field,’’ Goshen coach Kiersten Swayne said. “They have been the three [student athletes] that stepped up during this unprecedented year. They are eager to motivate the girls on the team and are great role models for the younger athletes. Holly Bachorik is among the top six graduates of the graduating class of 2021. This is a major honor in our District.’’

While it’s true that winning isn’t everything when it comes to high school sports, as showing consistent and sincere effort is also quite important, victories are a sign of talent, depth, team work and dedication by the players on the roster and deserve to be commended.

“These three captains are starters and major contributors to the season thus far,’’ Swayne said. “Goshen is (6-1 in games played through March 30) on the season.’’

All three captains have shown improvements that have been recognized by the coaching staff throughout their careers at Goshen-and in particular this season.

“The biggest improvement I have seen since the beginning of the season is their composure on the field,’’ Swayne said. “Coming off of a year-and-a-half halt from the pandemic, it took a couple games for us to really find our groove and play the way I knew we could play. Even in times of frustration, these three girls lead the team in positive, motivational ways and have kept this composure since. They make a huge difference in our team camaraderie even when faced with adversity.’’

Very importantly Brosnan, Wapshare and Bachorik are there to help their teammates improve in a variety of ways.

“These captains help their teammates improve in many ways on and off the field,’’ Swayne said. “Their way of delivering positive, yet constructive feedback during practices and games allows their teammates to understand that mistakes happen and are part of the game. This positive attitude is contagious and helps to prevent our girls from shutting down when things don’t go their way. They are true leaders in this way.’’