Orange County introduces Teen Driving Safety Program

Orange County. “Parents as Driving Partners” urges parents and teens to pledge to be mindful on the road, encouraging safety behind the wheel.

| 31 Jan 2024 | 12:15

Orange County and the STOP DWI and Traffic Safety Program have collaborated on the “Parents as Driving Partners” initiative, which aims to foster safer driving habits by encouraging active involvement and shared responsibility between teens and their parents during the early stages of their driving education.

Orange and Putnam County officials introduced the program at a news conference on Wednesday, January 31, at the county’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office at the Government Center in Goshen.

“Safe teen driving begins well before your child gets their permit,” Orange County Sheriff Paul Arteta said. “They watch you, observe everything that you do, and then they mimic you. What you do while in the car with your child matters. It is critical you set a good example of safe driving habits in front of them, no matter how old they are. Be a part of their journey early on and take the pledge to continue when they finally reach driving age; It is worth the investment in their safety.”

Through the new program, teenagers who receive their learner’s permit at the DMV will also receive a “Parents as Driving Partners” booklet, which includes driving tips and resources, plus a “Parent/Teen Driving Agreement,” a mutual pledge to commit to working together to promote safe driving practices, abide by traffic rules, and avoid distractions while on the road.

The pact asks parents to support their child’s driving education by teaching proper techniques and model safe driving behaviors for them. The agreement also asks teens to obey safety rules and regulations, never drive while impaired, drive only with parental permission, and never drive while using a cell phone.

“We encourage teen drivers and their parents to take the ‘Parents as Driving Partners’ pledge and make developing safe driving habits a shared effort,” Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said. “This important program can help create more responsible drivers, which ensures the all residents are safe on out roadways.”

According to the announcement, the “Parents as Driving Partners” program recognizes the role parents play in shaping their teen’s driving behavior and “aims to establish a strong foundation of responsible driving habits. By actively engaging parents and teenagers, the program encourages open communication, cooperative learning, and adherence to traffic regulations, ensuring safer roads for all.”

The County’s three DMV offices are located at:

- Goshen, Government Center, 255 Main Street

- Middletown, 12 King Street

- Newburgh, 128 Broadway

“I am proud to be part of this initiative to give parents and guardians resources to encourage good driving habits,” County Clerk Kelly Eskew said. “As a mom, I know how important it is to have the conversation with your children and this is another tool to assist with that.”

“Parents play a vital role in shaping the behaviors of their child’s driving habits from the moment they first get behind the wheel to learn how to drive,” Orange County Emergency Services Commissioner Peter J. Cirigliano II said. “We know that parents become the primary role model in their teen’s development of safe driving practices, especially when it comes to abiding by the vehicle and traffic laws. Learning to drive safely from the start can greatly reduce the probability of being involved in a crash. The Parents as Safe Driving Partners Program provides parents and new teen drivers with the tools and support, they need to be successful in this. It is our hope that this new program will help initiate safe driving habits in teens that can last a lifetime and make the roadways safer for everyone.”