Encon Officers, Forest Rangers and Park Police respond to catastrophes caused by torrential rains

| 14 Jul 2023 | 01:13

As many New Yorkers’ lives were put in jeopardy due to the recent historic rainstorms, Governor Kathy Hochul once again called upon members of the PBA of New York State and their specialized skills to help avert disaster and assist those in need. New York State Park Police Officers, Environmental Conservation Officers and Forest Rangers rushed to incidents throughout the week to assist those put in harm’s way during the catastrophic weather that the governor is calling “once in a thousand-year storms.”

In addition to torrential rains in Hudson Valley on July 9, the PBA officers responded to dangerous marine environments like Niagara Falls and Long Island Sound as well as mass flooding in the City of Canandaigua.

These photos, provided PBA of New York State, show the officers in action and the conditions they faced