Mount Peter Ski Area still has the only snow in town

Warwick. Ski resort has 100 percent snow-making capability.

| 11 Feb 2020 | 05:56

It appeared winter was here when Warwick had its first snowstorm of 2020 on Jan. 18.

However, the accumulation was only a few inches and since then, for most residents, a few flurries has not disturbed a welcome mild winter to date.

But for those who enjoy winter sports Mount Peter Ski Area still has lots of well-groomed snow. In fact, as of this writing, it’s the only snow in town.

Although the ski area has enough snow-making capability to carry it through the season without any help from Mother Nature, snow on the road is welcomed as a natural invitation to “Think snow” and enjoy winter sports.

And snowstorms can help cover all 13 trails and the tubing park. But unlike some of the major ski areas in the West or North, Mt. Peter has 100 per cent snow-making capability and when temperatures are right, snow-making crews can work around the clock.

Snow is snow

In general and contrary to what some people believe, snow is snow no matter how it is made.

Snow-making is simply a process of creating snow by dispersing tiny water particles and air, under pressure, into cold air. This produces a snowflake structure that is similar to natural snow.

By regulating the water content, snow can be deliberately made into covering ranging from light powder to wet base snow. It can also withstand higher temperature before melting.


Mt. Peter is open every day and there is also night skiing and snow boarding.

And there is a multi-lane 600-foot tubing run equipped with a carpet lift.

For tubing schedules, additional information and the latest snow reports call 986-4940 or visit:

- Roger Gavan