Midsummer Night’s Dream to overtake Sugar Loaf on June 25

| 15 Jun 2022 | 04:01

Sugar Loaf’s art studios, shops, eateries and craft beverage venues will collaborate on a Midsummer Night’s Dream day on June 25, with Shakespearean dream decor. Visitors are invited to join in by dressing as fairies or any Midsummer Night’s Dream character.

Festivities scheduled throughout the Sugar Loaf hamlet during the Midsummer Night’s Dream event include:

● Sidewalks lined with visiting curated artisans and crafters.

● Displays of new summer merchandise and signature goods

● Resident makers will be visible tinkering in their shops.

● Treasures will be hidden throughout the hamlet, with a Scavenger Hunt Pass available at White Rabbit Restorations, 62 Wood Road, Sugar Loaf, NY.

● Local cuisine and beverages will be available at established Sugar Loaf eateries.

● Wine tastings will be offered throughout the hamlet, featuring wines from Oceane Vineyard.