'It’s time to elect a leader, not a follower'

| 22 Jan 2020 | 06:10

    I am writing in response to your story titled, “Senator Metzger co-sponsors bill amending Bail Reform Law,” and to remind readers that her vote to eliminate bail in the first place is what is currently putting our communities at risk.

    Bail exists for a reason; it ensures that the accused returns to court and protects the public from those who might cause further harm during their adjudication – especially their victims.

    Since Jan. 1, we have seen a litany of stories concerning violent offenders being released from custody only to re-offend within hours, several within the 42nd State Senate District.

    According to your story, Senator Metzger had “the right conversations with all the appropriate stakeholders.”

    I think Orange County Sheriff and former judge Carl DuBois would disagree. He recently stated that since she was elected, Senator Metzger has not once reached out to him to discuss issues important to law enforcement. If only she availed herself of this resource.

    Instead, she obeyed the directives of radical progressive New York City politicians pandering for votes.

    Senator Metzger now wishes to change her vote with a “do over” piece of legislation (S.7156) – a prohibitively expensive and unwieldy system of pre-trial detention hearings and increased electronic monitoring – a law that will prove equally ineffective and dangerous for the public.

    It’s time to stop putting criminals over the innocent. It’s time to elect a leader, not a follower. Come November, the voters of the 42nd Senate District will get their much needed “do over.”


    Bill Cerone

    Greenwood Lake