Hearing Bells? You can also See them at Goshen Public Library

Goshen. Ann Mandato is exhibiting her bell collection at Goshen Public Library.

| 11 Oct 2022 | 05:05

Who doesn’t love bells? The high, sweet tinkle of small ones you might find on a child’s bracelet, the braver, louder sounds of medium sized bells that might announce a visitor at your door, or the deep tolling of church bells calling worshipers to a morning or evening service. Anne Mandato loves bells and she collects them. She has now shared a part of her collection, displaying it in the Community Collections Display Case in the Goshen Public library lobby.

If you have a collection of treasured things that you would be willing to share with the community, email jtarvin@hvc.rr.com. What has given you pleasure may do the same for others.