Either we face the obvious and come together or we are lost

| 05 Feb 2020 | 06:29

    America is in peril.

    Bush started a costly war ultimately about oil, gave the corporate elite and wealthy tax breaks, led us into recession and increased the deficit.

    Obama restored the economy, provided health care to millions of uninsured Americans and began the fight against climate change.

    Trump squanders our tax dollars on a border wall, tax cuts for the rich and a military buildup. He has declared war on our environment denying climate change.

    The impeachment of Trump clearly informs us that Trump is a pathological liar, a tyrant who betrays his oath of office, America and our allies. His policies, as those of Putin, promote dependence on fossil fuel, destroy the environment and the future.

    The Republican House and Senate are complicit behaving as Russian thugs under the spell of a would-be Putin. Hope for our country lies not with Fox “News” propaganda, Republicans in lock step protecting Trump, his continued abuse of power and tyrannical conduct.

    Nor is it with a centrist. Obama tried to compromise and conciliate, and we saw how Republicans obstructed his efforts. This will continue because corporate greed and unfettered campaign money control our government.

    The only hope for America lies with new leadership brave enough to stand up for the truth and the people, reformers and progressives of the Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt stripe who will meet the challenges posed by corruption, the fossil fuel industry and climate change.

    Either we face the obvious and come together or we are lost.

    Randy Hurst

    Slate Hill