Chabad Teens honor police with artisanal chocolate event

Chester. Three police officers were honored by teens at the Chabad Center, an event dedicated to two police officers recently killed.

| 26 Oct 2022 | 02:21

Chabad’s Teen group gathered at the Chabad Center in Chester for a special evening dedicated to honoring and showing appreciation to the police departments. Jewish teens from Middletown, Goshen, Warwick, Monroe and Chester participated in the event. The teens were visited by Officer Payton, of the Village of Monroe Police Department, and Chabad community members Sergeant Cohn, of Warwick, and NYPD Sergeant Shevitz, of Monroe. The event was organized by Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston, of Chabad of Orange County.

CTeen leaders Sami Hamel and Haley Resti, of Monroe, welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude to the police department.

“On behalf of CTeen we want to express appreciation for all that the police do and the constant sacrifices that you make,” said Hamel. “This event is dedicated to two young officers from the NYPD who tragically were killed in service this past month – Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora. They will be remembered for their courage and sacrifice.”

Teens compiled a list of questions to ask the police in a panel, including, “What is the most satisfying thing about your job,” and even, “Do you guys actually like donuts?”

After meaningful and sometimes humorous panel discussion, teens and police competed in a variety of creative “Chocolate Competitions,” axe throwing and arm wrestling.

Teens created artisanal chocolate bark as gifts and presented it to the police with a message of appreciation.

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