Casino fundraiser for aid to ailing horses and people

| 09 May 2022 | 04:13

My name is Daniela Nastasi and I’m the founder of Cavalli Healing Hearts, Inc. a public charity dedicated to rescuing horses while serving suicidal adolescents and adults. Growing up with an especially tough father who expected so much from us, I developed anxiety and depression at a young age. My father’s motto was, “I won’t tell you when you’ve done good, only when you’ve done bad.”

Never receiving positive reinforcement as a child led to feelings of worthlessness and a strong desire to please others while neglecting myself. Because of this I spent years numbing my pain in various ways till one night, driving home I started to imagine driving into a tree. I realized then, something had to change. I got therapy and was lucky to find fulfillment as a result of volunteering with therapy horses.

That’s when I learned that 80,000 horses are slaughtered annually in the U.S. I’ve since dedicated my life to helping horses and people. At Cavalli Healing Hearts, Inc, our mission is to provide a healing sanctuary for both horses and individuals. We celebrate vulnerability and courage through connection and community.

Previously traumatized horses and individuals partner to build a loving and trusting relationship. This relationship is the foundation for a life worth living. Studies have shown that working with horses provides many benefits and skills, such as improved communication, problem solving, leadership, enhanced self-esteem, confidence and much more.

To celebrate and further our mission we’re having our first annual casino night. We’ll pay tribute to those we’ve lost to suicide, and proceeds will go to AFSP as well as help to support our horses and fund our programs, which practice activities that build trust, confidence and self love among adolescents and adults suffering mentally.

Please consider being a sponsor. As a founding member, your support will help with event costs, funding programs and contribute to reduce the number of horses slaughtered annually. Help us change and save lives.

Casino Night Fundraiser

Saturday, May 21, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Chester, NY (full address provided upon purchase)

Buy your ticket @

How to participate? Email

$150 per person, includes $100 of play money, food, music and more.

Daniela Nastasi

Owner & President