Arteta becomes sheriff and asserts ideals

Goshen. Paul Arteta was sworn in as Orange County Sheriff and expressed support for evidence-based practices, cooperation with other law enforcement organizations and community engagement.

Goshen /
| 03 Jan 2023 | 03:35

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced Paul Arteta as the 46th Sheriff of Orange County. Arteta began his 28-year career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in 1992 as a corrections officer in the Orange County Jail. In 1994 he was promoted to the Patrol Division, moving through the civil service ranks from deputy to captain.

Arteta has expressed support for the application of intelligence-led policing, a model that makes use of best practices and evidence-based policies. He and his team are also focused on developing collaborative relationships with other law enforcement agencies to maximize resources to combat criminal activity and reduce recidivism.

Arteta expressed a commitment to demonstrating personal integrity, supporting personnel fairly and objectively, leading from the front and engaging communities honestly.

As new sheriff, he said, “My team and I plan to push the Sheriff’s Office to exceed baseline standards. Undersheriff Wilfredo Garcia brings experience of over 35 years in Law Enforcement and Assistant Undersheriff Evelyn Mallard brings over 33 years of experience in Law Enforcement. It is time for a positive change. I think listening to people will help us, and I have two great people beside me that listen to people. Law Enforcement is simply not just locking up criminals. It is about community engagement and educating our future generations of law enforcement officers and children to keep this a great place to live, work and play. This is truly a great county”.