The play’s the thing

Goshen. Cornerstone Theatre Arts announces ‘The Shakespeare Sessions.’

| 12 Oct 2020 | 07:03

Cornerstone Theatre Arts is pleased to announce preparations for a collaborative video production entitled “The Shakespeare Sessions,” a collection of scenes, speeches and sonnets, performed by seasoned Cornerstone performers and captured on video for viewing via DVD and Flash Drive.

CTA is also planning the release of certain pieces and teaser scenes for a nominal donation through its website, .

The action will be documented all throughout Salesian Park in Goshen and The Country Club at Otterkill in Campbell Hall with strict adherence to all social distancing mandates.

The video will be available to the public via local shops and eateries in plenty of time to make wonderful holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.

’To serve Shakespeare, our audience and our community’

Ken Tschan, founder and director of Educational Outreach, sees this as a win-win for the company and the community.

“We are in a unique position with the pandemic, as are all arts related entities,” Tschan said, “but this project allows us to serve Shakespeare, our audience, and our community as we will give a percentage of the proceeds to various community service organizations.”

He said that GOVAC and The Ecumenical Food Pantry will be among the organizations receiving some help, as will The Goshen Humane Society and Friends of the Goshen Library.

‘This project is in line with our Mission Statement,” Tschan said, “that is always a good first step.”

‘What theatre, at its best, is all about’

As a company, Cornerstone is geared for work.

“Our stable of Theatre Arts performers are excited and eager to get back to their craft, and what better way to hone their skills than with the Master?” said CTA Artistic Director Evelyn Albino. “Many of our performers are veterans of the more than 10-year Shakespeare in the Park tradition here in Goshen. They are sorely missing their friends, fellow actors and directors.”

With no public audience and not more than three people in a given scene, the texture of the project will focus on intimacy and clarity.

“We are bringing narration, education and entertainment directly into our audience’s view,” Tschan said. “We have the opportunity to serve and that is what theatre, at its best, is all about.”

CTA is very pleased to have been given permission for the project. All proper insurance forms and permits have been submitted. The natural beauty of Salesian Park will serve this project extremely well. Indeed, “All the park’s a stage...”

This project is made possible, in part, with a grant from the Orange County Arts Council.