Chester Public Library continues its ‘Outdoor Art for Entertainment’

Chester. Library programs like Art For Enjoyment foster enrichment and education.

| 21 Apr 2021 | 04:21

The following interview was conducted with Irene Dunn, the Adult Programming Coordinator at the Chester Public Library:

Q: What inspired you to start “Outdoor Art for Entertainment?

A. I first began Art for Entertainment about seven years ago. It was a program I started inside, and what inspired me was that there are people out there who are interested in exploring the world of art who may not have that opportunity.

So I felt this may give people an opportunity to try something new that they couldn’t do before, especially by keeping is casual and without much pressure. It’s outside because of how influential nature can be for the spirit.

Q. How many local residents have attended this program?

A. Quite a variety, we get people for all different reasons who participate in Art for Entertainment. Some people come because they want to try something new, some people come to expand one what they already know and some come to experience conversation which revolves around artistic ideas.

This is a community (including the whole of the Hudson Valley) of artisans and creativity, and I felt that could make this program a place where people could experience different mediums. We get anywhere from 5-20 depending on what the event is itself.

Q. Do you feel strongly about the importance of this program?

A. Yes, I do feel strongly about the arts. Being the program coordinator for adults, it’s my desire to promote these opportunities as a whole, so the public has a chance to access them, the arts included.

Q. What types of supplies has the library offered to those wishing to participate?

A. People can work in water color, pascals, we have mandala stencils, we’ve materials for still life, collages and even jewelry-making supplies. There’s plenty of options. We want people to feel comfortable at any level.

Q. How have these efforts been received by participants?

A. People seem to really respond to it. and like most programs we offer, it’s important to mention again they’re most likely to come to try something new they haven’t been able to do before, if they’d simply want to learn more.


Dunn wished to acknowledge her fellow staff and co-workers at the library, emphasizing the fact that they’re a team.

The Outdoor Art for Entertainment program was launched on April 17th and has been in operation every Saturday since then.

Those who wish to partake in a local cultural atmosphere can still attend Saturday on April 24, which will be the program’s last session for the time being.

The Chester Public Library is located at 1784 Kings Highway in Chester.