Challengers lead in GOP primary for Chester council

Chester. In the race for supervisor, the incumbent is leading in unofficial results.

| 28 Jun 2023 | 10:40

The challengers running for Chester town council, and the incumbent running for re-election in the supervisors’ race, are leading in unofficial results for Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Two restauranteurs -- Joseph Betro, whose family owns Delancey’s in Goshen, and Patricia Gorman, owner of the former Clayton Delaney’s in Chester -- are leading to fill two seats on the town council. Incumbent longtime council member Cindy Smith and challenger Giuseppe Cassara are trailing for the two open seats.

Supervisor Robert Valentine is leading over challenger Robert Courtenay, who is currently serving on the town council.

The winners will be on the GOP line in November’s general election.

In its vote count posted late Tuesday night, the Orange County Board of Elections includes results from election day voting, early voting, and previously received absentee ballots.

The absentee ballots have not been fully counted, and votes by affidavit are not included in these tallies. Check for updates.


Robert Valentine: 262

Robert Courtenay: 223


Two open seats:

Patricia Gorman: 266

Joseph Betro: 258

Cindy Smith: 202

Guiseppe Cassara: 181

Note: This article has been updated to correct an error.