Cindy Smith

Chester. Incumbent Cindy Smith is running for one of two open seats on the Chester Town Board.

| 14 Jun 2023 | 04:44

Describe your background. What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?

First let me introduce myself, Cindy Smith, current town board member, one of the Moodna Sewer commissioners and deputy supervisor. I’ve been on the board for 20 years and I have always lived by the golden rule “Just do the right thing no matter how hard.”

I have lived my whole life in the Town of Chester and raised my family here. For most of my adult life I have been a self-employed contractor and 20 years working at Lycian Stage lighting factory in Sugar Loaf. So as you can see with my background, I can run a business, which is what the town is.

I’m always available for special meetings or just to be on call anytime since I am retired.

Why did you decide to run for town board?

I made the decision years ago to run for town council because I never had any intention to live anywhere else. So I got involved. I wanted to get involved with issues I knew about: kids’ recreation , controlling dogs, spending money wisely. And since my parents were older, I started raising the bar for senior citizen activities, most recently working with recreation aide Michele Deshler and engineer Al Fusco for the grant for senior exercise equipment, which is approved and soon to be delivered.

If elected, would you keep the town going in the same direction or change course, and why?

There is always room for change, whether it is a computer upgrade or the culture of the people who are new to the area.

Twenty five to 30 years ago, Chester was mostly farmers or commuters, and kids went off on their own adventures. Fast-forward to present day, and the board has to meet the needs of this community, including the needs of the younger senior citizens, parents who want more organized recreation for their kids, and planning and zoning changes.

How do you plan to involve residents in the decision-making process?

Residents only get involved when a problem directly affects them. I never turn away from any resident’s problem, but they have to be willing to come and state their case.

I’m not tired of my job. I live every day to my oath of office to uphold the law and perform the duties to the best of my ability This is why I am running for re-election.