Nine Eagle Scouts honored

Goshen. A Court of Honor honored nine Eagle Scouts on Sunday at Goshen’s historic track. Last year’s Eagle Scouts were honored as well as this year’s as the 2020 Eagle Scouts couldn’t have a ceremony due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

| 07 Jun 2021 | 10:00

Nine soaring Eagle Scouts were honored in 90 degree heat on Sunday at Goshen’s historic track.

Jubilant family and friends attended the invitation-only celebration.

Last year Eagle Scouts, were unable to have a ceremony due to COVID-19 restrictions, and many came from college to attend this year. Those additional six, all 2020 graduates of Goshen High School, are Blake Albanese, Jack Callahan, Jack Donohue, Brandon Arroyo, Zachary Goodman and Jack Loughren.

A small Eagle ceremony was held last June for Patrick Monroe at his family’s home just before he shipped out for basic training in the United States Marine Corps. Patrick, now a Lance Corporal, is undergoing language training at the Presidio in Monterey, California.

Projects of the nine honored during the Eagle Scout Court of Honor:

Blake Albanese built 2 Ga Ga Ball pits at two Goshen parks, Erie Street and Craigville Park.

Brandon Arroyo did repairs and painting at the Goshen Ecumenical Food Pantry.

Tallon Clark repaired the overgrown Volleyball courts at Craigville Park.

Reese Donohue built and installed planters for Valley View nursing home.

Jack Callahan did a landscaping project around a monument for purple Heart recipients at the Orange County Veterans Monument, Goshen.

Zachary Goodman repaired and reconditioned the handicap ramp at his Temple in Florida.

Jack Loughren did a landscaping project, a prayer garden at the AUMP church in Goshen.

Jack Donohue built and placed planters for patients at Valley View to do some gardening.

Harry Degan had a family conflict and could not attend. He painted inside the St James Church.