Where are Goshen’s elected officials?

Goshen /
| 05 Apr 2021 | 03:25

    Are they ill, are they sleeping, are they holding, are they on vacation or are they just ignoring their duties that they promised to fulfill when they took office? There are a total of l0 members on the village and town boards and I can’t get any of them to respond to my various attempts at contacting them.

    I have written letters to both the town and village boarde, sent an email to every member of the town and village boards, attended meetings for the past 3 years, and cannot get a response from anyone.

    It is beyond my comprehension why the doors to the town hall are locked at this juncture in time (l have not checked village hall). I have been told that the doors are locked to protect the employees from Govid-{9. Do the employees go the grocery store, do they go to the doctor, do they go to the post office, and do they go to the bank? lf so, how is keeping the town hall doors locked protecting them from COVID-19?

    I do not know of a single other entity that is locked. We are wearing masks, we are social distancing, and conducting all other business, so why are the doors to where are elected officials located locked? I am beginning to think that maybe they are actually hiding.

    I virtually attended a joint recreation meeting on February of 2O21. One of the board members appeared to be driving their car during the entire meeting. The background noise was so disruptive that I couldn’t hear myself or others speaking. ls this a representation of an elected official; that the duties they agreed to fulfill such as attendlng meetings to hear the taxpayers, be so insignificant that they do it while driving?

    I have tried to introduce a wonderful, fun, social, physically and mentally healthy recreation to Goshen since 2017, with all the available apace and a very healthy bank balance in the joint recreation account, Goshen is an ideal place to bring this recreational activity to fruition. It has, however, fallen on deaf ears. I have been ignored for more than 3 years. lt is my belief that government is there to represent the people. Why is it that the people are being ignored? lf anyone knows how to get our elected offlcials to respond, please let me know.

    Ali Chamois