Melissa Gallo

| 06 Nov 2016 | 09:16

Although she feels that she has just gotten started in pursuing her goals as a member of the Goshen Town Board, Melissa Gallo is pleased to have secured an Orange County Community Grant towards the installation of handicap accessible doors for Town Hall, as well as the Senior Center.
Working in conjunction with the Joint Recreation Committee and Village Trustees, she assisted in getting badly needed field improvements for several parks, as well as helping to fulfill one girl’s dream of opening a beautiful dog park at the Salesian Park.
“This is in addition to dozens of other projects that we have all jointly worked on for the betterment of the community. But there’s so much more to do,” said Gallo.
Since Jan. 2016 Gallo has served on the Goshen Town Board, having been selected from three other qualified candidates to fill the seat vacated by Phil Canterino.
“I previously served on the Environmental Review Board, as well as an alternate Planning Board member for the Amy’s Kitchen project. I am also a current active member of the Goshen and Orange County Chambers of Commerce,” Gallo explained.
Gallo said she promotes “smart growth” in the town. “I would like to see more national companies take an interest in us, such as, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I would like to see less ‘for rent’ signs on windows and more local business’ thrive.”
As for LEGOLAND, she has this to say, “I approach this project as I would with any other project — objectively. Viewing it any other way — pro or con — is premature at this early stage of the process, in my opinion. I do know that all people who are scrutinizing this project all live, work and play here. We all have a vested interest in protecting our community and the future of our Town and Village.”
Gallo grew up in Riverdale, NY, attended JFK High School and received a BA from the University of Buffalo.
She currently works for Rock City Media, a family owned Out of Home Advertising Company helping both local, as well as national companies build their brands and generate sales in the Hudson Valley. Prior to that, she was a Senior Corporate Paralegal for 10 plus years, as well as a marketing manager for a textile manufacturer with a focus on high-end aircraft applications.
Gallo has two children, ages 10 and 8, in the Goshen School System. Her husband is a New York City firefighter, a Goshen volunteer firefighter, and is active in the community. She’s proud to note that he was a recipient of the 2012 Orange County Rising Star Award.
As a former VP of her Homeowners Association, she is used to neighbors contacting her to vent their frustrations and for guidance in getting things done.
Said Gallo, “As an elected official, I welcome anyone to please contact me directly with any problems or issues they cannot resolve on their own. I’m here to help. That’s my job.”