Village of Goshen election results

| 16 Mar 2022 | 05:22

    Christopher Gurda and Anthony Scotto took the two seats available for Village Trustee, a two-year term. Mary B. O’Donnell ran unopposed, and was elected Trustee for a one-year term. Scott Wohl was elected Mayor, running unopposed.

    The results below include both in person and absentee ballots:

    For Mayor for a one-year term (vote for one):

    Scott Wohl - 200

    For Trustee for a one-year term (vote for one):

    Mary B. O’Donnell - 196

    For Trustee for a two-year term (vote for two):

    Christopher Gurda - 161

    Phillip Mills - 61

    Anthony Scotto - 148