Village Board discusses land use, police body cams

Goshen. A local law regarding a moratorium for application review and approval in certain zoning districts is in the draft stage.

| 21 Feb 2023 | 10:41

At the Feb. 13 Goshen Village Board meeting, Lanc and Tully Engineering, along with Village Attorney David Donovan were directed to create a local law to establish a six-month moratorium, prohibiting the review and approval of applications for land use in the I (Industrial) and IP (Industrial Park) zoning districts.

The moratorium “allows us to step back to make sure our zoning in that area is competent and can handle future developments that come our way. The Village of Goshen is primarily built out, but the Board wants to make sure any building will be in line with the community,” Mayor Scott Wohl said.

The local law is in the draft stage. The moratorium excludes all projects previously approved.

Police body cameras

The Division of Criminal Justice Services has approved the Goshen Police Department’s request for Body Worn Camera (BWC) funding of $50,000. This is a one-time payment for the purchase of BWCs and software related to BWCs.

“Basically, this will fund our body warn cameras program for the next five years, free of charge,” Village Police Chief James Watt said.

Chief Watt added that on March 12 - the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade - no parking is allowed on either side of Montgomery Street. This is due to a route change for the parade.

Sewer plant and park lights

Replacement of the Dehumidification Unit at the Village sewer plant has been awarded to C.R. Wolfe Heating Corp at a cost of $117,880. C.R. Wolfe Heating Corp was the lowest responsible bidder that was bid on January 19, 2023.

“There’s a large dehumidification unit in the sewer plant where there are large open tanks. Moisture in the building has a tendency to condense on all metal structures and deteriorate the building. Replacing the dehumidifier will slow deterioration of the building,” Public Works superintendent Scott Birney said.

Additionally, the Joint Recreation Commission had favorable public response at a public hearing regarding installation of lights at the Myron Urbanski Park on Craigville Road. Public comments expressed the difficulty of having sports events without lighting in the fall when it gets dark so early. Both Goshen Little League and Goshen Soccer Club have raised funds towards the installation of lights.

“It’s been an issue for years,” trustee Chris Gurda said. “I fully support it. I hope it becomes a reality.”

Block Grant applications

Office of Community Development announced that the 2024 Community Development Block Grant, (CDBG) application process has begun.

The grant application is online, giving access to free money. American Corporate Giving Programs, foundations, charitable institutions, and individuals donate money for this grant. As the title indicates, its intent is for growing the community, like erecting new buildings or purchasing needed equipment, and more.

A public hearing to receive public comments and suggestions for use of the Community Development Block Grant will be scheduled.

Grant applications are due in the Office of Community Development, 40 Matthews St., Goshen, on June 23, 2023 by 4 p.m.