There will be a lot going on in the Village of Goshen in 2020

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| 08 Jan 2020 | 03:09

Mayor Mike Nuzzolese says there will be a lot going on in the Village of Goshen this year. Take a look:

Water system

An upcoming water project, backed by a Community Development Block Grant, is going out to bid. The $300,000 combination state and federal grant is intended to improve water conditions on St. James Place and Bruen Avenue. This grant is administered by Orange County.

“The new water main will greatly improve the volume of flow on these two streets,” said Village of Goshen Mayor Mike Nuzzolese, who explained that the railroad tracks crossing the two streets predated the water line, causing a dead end water flow situation. The new water main lines will now be connected, running down the full length of both St. James Place and Bruen Avenue.

“It’s a win, win, win situation,” said the mayor.

Erie Street Park

As part of contributing to Joint Recreation Commission improvements, the summer of 2020 will see the Village constructing a bathroom at the Erie Street Park.

Sewer system

The village sewage system, constructed in 1914, will be under scrutiny this year to find areas where leaking might be occurring and allowing rainwater to get into the lines. This situation causes an increase of inflow, overburdening the system.

Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail will be getting some new signs. The trail currently ends at St. James Place and starts again on West Main Street, by St. John’s Cemetery. Board members are working on directional signs to inform users where the trail can be picked up from St. James Place.


The village board is working on updating some of the outdated zoning in the downtown business district. Among the goals of the updating study is make the business area more business friendly, determine what occupations are allowable in the home, streamlining requirements for replacing current buildings without an undue amount of variances,and setting requirements for outdoor dining.

Below is a list of several items for final board review:

Outdoor dining: One change would require establishments that provide outdoor dining to secure a permit from the village clerk and increase the amount of permitted outdoor seating, as long as it doesn’t block fire connections, egress to any building, or public sidewalks. Currently outdoor seating at restaurants is limited to two tables.

Planned Adult Community (PAC): The ability to locate a PAC in the Industrial Zone would be removed. PACs will be sited within the CS, CS-1 (Service Commercial) and/or R-3 (Residential) zoning districts. Additionally, onsite recreation — provided in at least 10 percent of the total lot area — be included in the plans.

Home occupations that would be permitted: seamstress, craft person, artist, photographer, typist, accountant, real estate, insurance broker, private tutor, music teacher (one pupil at a time), clergyman's office, and internet-based businesses that do not involve customers or clients coming to the residence.

Bed and breakfast is defined as an owner-occupied, single-family dwelling that provides overnight, transient accommodations and meals with up to five rooms. It must provide one off street parking space for each guest room, as well as those required for the single-family dwelling. Outdoor amenities available for use by guests use, including swimming pools or sitting areas must be a minimum of 10 feet from all property lines and screened from neighboring properties. A permit to establish a bed and breakfast is required.

Next steps

“We have a good board to actively discuss these projects,” said Nuzzolese.

Sitting on the current board are Chris Gurda, an attorney; Anthony Scotto, an engineer with Orange County; Dan Henderson, the police chief in Harriman; and Pete Smith, a successful businessman in the Village of Goshen.

“As the retired superintendent of public works, I definitely have a feel for the needs of the village,” Nuzzolese said.

Local laws pertaining to these issues will be presented to the village board and then referred to the village planning board and the Orange County Department of Planning. After their reviews are complete, a public hearing on the laws will be scheduled, said David Donovan, the village attorney.

Additional information on the local laws is available at Village Hall, 276 Main St., Goshen, during regular business hours.