Police conduct Active Assailant Training at Goshen High School

Goshen. The training involved Goshen Village and State Police as well as members of the the Orange County Tactical Response Unit.

| 05 Sep 2023 | 05:39

The Village of Goshen Police Department, in conjunction with the Goshen School District and the New York State Police and the Orange County Tactical Response Unit, conducted active assailant training for all district staff, on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

Village Police Chief James C. Watt said the training consisted of classroom lecture followed by practical exercises of a simulated lockdown and entry by first responding police officers and the Tactical Response Unit.

State Trooper Anca Watt conducted classroom training for all district staff in the high school auditorium.

Village of Goshen Police Officers and Tactical Response Unit instructors trained in tactical entry in the classroom wings of Goshen High School.

The Orange County TRU is a joint Tactical Response Unit comprised of members of Police Departments from the Villages of Goshen, Harriman, Greenwood Lake and Monroe and the Towns of Woodbury, Chester, Warwick and Blooming Grove.

“The Department would like to thank School Superintendent Kurtis Kotes and staff of the Goshen Central School District who made time for and participated in this critical training,” Watt said in the press release detailing the exercise.

James C. Watt

Chief of Police

Village of Goshen

Police Department