Noise ordinance to get another look after Camp Monroe complaints

Chester. Police chief says his officers cannot do much without an ordinance except tell people to tone it down.

| 04 Sep 2019 | 01:48

Getting a noise ordinance for the town of Chester has been kicking around for years. At the town's Aug. 28 board meeting, the issue came up again, when resident Brandon Holdridge asked if the town had an ordinance to address the loud noise coming from Camp Monroe's Hassidic community late into the night.

The town does not yet have an ordinance, but Supervisor Bob Valentine said he would ask the building inspector, Jim Farr, to look into getting one.

Several other residents in the Trout Brook area also complained. They said the noise keeps them awake at nights when they have to go to work the next morning.

Police Chief Dan Doellinger said that although his officers responded to calls complaining about the noise, they had no way to deal with the problem because of the lack of an ordinance. The officers ask them to tone it down but that's all they can do by law.

Councilwoman Cindy Smith said the board would look into the noise ordinances already in place in Goshen and Monroe.

Following the town meeting, resident Sue Bahren posted on Facebook that "the residents of the Trout Brook area have been disturbed all summer long with noise from the Camp that goes on well in to the night and early morning. All of these residents deserve to feel secure and comfortable in their home and the new owners of Camp Monroe need to be good neighbors and not ignore these issues."

Bahren, who is running for supervisor, wrote that she hopes the board moves forward with an ordinance.