Larry Dysinger

CHESTER. Larry Dysinger is running for Chester town board on the Democratic and Chester First lines.

| 09 Oct 2023 | 08:56

Why are you running for town board?

My service on the planning board intensified my desire to proactively address and solve issues facing the town, everything from our growing road congestion, to light and noise pollution, plus aging recreation, sewer, and water infrastructure.

What are the top three things you aim to accomplish if elected?

Ensure transparency and full disclosure in all town board business transactions.

Work with all town board members to establish credibility and trust among town residents and local government agencies.

Proactively invest in our recreation, road, sewer, and water infrastructure.

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

I have been a member of the town of Chester Planning Board for the past five-plus years and a town resident for 30 years.

I take my assignment to a town board position very seriously. While serving on the town planning board, I have only missed one meeting, I have always been prepared for each meeting, and I have always been an active participant.

I attend every town board meeting.

I authored the existing Chester outdoor lighting ordinance.

I drafted a revision to the existing town noise pollution control ordinance and submitted it to the town board for appropriate action.

The town board finally initiated the review of the town’s comprehensive plan after two years of my continued lobbying.

Feel free to add information about your background and qualifications.

I have 32-plus years of corporate and small business management, including the creation and management of $20-plus million-dollar budgets.

I achieved a senior level of information technology (IT) management in an insurance industry service organization.

I have led teams of 50-plus IT people, while successfully meeting established goals and objectives.

I created and ran a successful construction business.