Highland Mills. Chabad Teen Program Creates Tiles for Smiles

| 13 Nov 2020 | 12:29

In the spirit of giving, Chabad’s Teen Club, CTeen of Orange County, participated in an evening of “Tiles for Smiles.”

More than 25 high school teens from across the County enjoyed a special evening decorating tiles with messages of hope for sick children.

“Think Good and It Will Be Good” read the tile created by Samantha Hamel of Monroe.

“Joy Breaks All Barriers” read the time made by Noah Reich of Highland Mills.

“Be the Best Version of You” read the beautifully decorated tile created by Emily Stock of Highland Mills.

and Yirshalem Pinkus of Sugarloaf shared the encouraging message of

“Today I Choose Joy” read the encouraging message authored by Yirshalem Pinkus of Sugar Loaf.

Of Blessed Memory: Adi Wolf

This event was dedicated in the memory of CTeen Member Adi Wolf, of Monroe OBM, whose passing was in November three years ago.

“Many of us here tonight knew Adi” said Gavin Reich, a senior at Monroe-Woodbury who was a close friend of Adi Wolf. “Adi had a huge heart and would have loved what we are doing here tonight, together.”

The event was held outdoors in the backyard of the home of Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston, directors of Chabad of Orange County.

“It’s incredible to see the teens’ enthusiasm for projects of giving,” Chana Burston said. “Most of our teen events are centered around community service and our CTeen leaders have many wonderful ideas of how to give to the community.”

Teens were presented with a Shabbat package of Challah, grape juice and other Shabbat items to enjoy with their families.

The event was sponsored in part by the Reich family, the Stock family and the Berman family.

The CTeen Chapter of Chabad of Orange County meets regularly, following strict covid regulations. For more information, visit www.ChabadOrange.com, call 845-782-2770 or email Chana@chabadorange.com