Highland Mills. Chabad of Orange County’s CTeens raise $250 for a ‘righteous’ cause

| 05 Nov 2021 | 02:11

Chabad of Orange County’s CTeen group raised more than $250 through hosting a “Charity Basketball Game” at the Rushmore Estate in Highland Mills.

Teens from across the county joined to both play and cheer on the players, with teen representatives from Monroe, Chester, Goshen, Warwick and Middletown.

“The proceeds will be used for gift cards for local families in need for Chanukah” said CTeen leader Omer Mosker, a senior in Monroe-Woodbury, who is one of CTeen’s five active teen leaders. The other leaders are: Haley Resty, Sami Hamel, Lola Sale and Ariel Koyfman.

Chana Burston, who directs CTeen together with her husband Rabbi Pesach, explained to the large group of participating teens that the Hebrew word “Tzedakah,” usually translated as “charity” more accurately means “righteousness.”

“We give to others because G-d blessed us with so much, and to give those less fortunate than us is the just way to act.”

Burston thanked all those who generously sponsored teens to play, as well as Dr. Seth Pulver of the Rushmore Estate for hosting the game at Rushmore’s beautiful court.

The game was refereed by Russell Cohen of Highland Mills.

The teens also created Hanukkah-themed sensory bottle gifts for children with special needs.

For more information on CTeen activities, contact Chabad at 845-782-2770, rabbi@ChabadOrange.com or log onto www.ChabadOrange.com.

Photos:CTeen 1: Teens from across Orange County participated in the CTeen Charity Basketball Game. Pictured with the teens is Russel Cohen of Highland Mills, who was the referee, and Chana Burston, co-director of Chabad.

CTeen 2: Chabad Teens created Hanukkah-themed sensory bottle gifts for children with special needs.