Green Teens clean up Erie Depot and Heritage Trail

Chester. Eleventh-graders from the Chester Academy are removing lots of rubbish from the hometown treasures this summer.

| 16 Aug 2019 | 04:08

These Chester teens are keepin' it green.

They've unearthed enough buried and surface trash at the historic Erie Depot museum and surrounding Heritage Trail to overflow a dumpster.

Jacob Mott is leader of the Green Teen Movement, made up of 11th graders from the Chester Academy. He was joined by Brenna Lawson, Xuan Chen, Laura Edwards, Ekhine Avalos, Caleb Garver, and Sofia Balich to spruce up their hometown's treasures.

Many members of the group are on vacation, so next time they'll be able to go after even more gunk. So far they've removed from the environment old pots and pans, shovels, tires, and plastic pipes, and zillions of bits and pieces of paper and plastic.

They worked the afternoon of Aug. 8 in two shifts, and plan to tackle more trash on Aug. 20.

Mott is also a member of the Chester Historical Society. He hopes other teenagers will join the group in future cleanups.