Goshen eighth-grader raises funds to rebuild kibbutz

Goshen. Shepard Hoffman raised over $2,000 for this cause.

Goshen /
| 26 Mar 2024 | 04:13

Shepard Hoffman, an eighth-grader at CJ Hooker Middle School in Goshen, was recently recognized for his work raising $2,458 to help rebuild the Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak in Israel, which has a population of about 600 people, including 150 young children.

The kibbutz was attacked by the Hamas Nuseirat Battalion on October 7, 2023. While official counts vary, several members of the kibbutz were reportedly killed during the attack, and at least eight people were taken hostage by Hamas.

Hoffman wanted to help spread awareness of the people still being held hostage. So he raised money through social media posts and good old fashioned word of mouth. The hope is that the funds will be used to strengthen and support community members by providing emotional care, equipment for children’s homes, and repair property damage. All survivors of the attack were evacuated, but it is unclear when they will be able to return to their homes.

For his efforts, Hoffman was praised by the organizers of “Serve for a Cause,” a tennis match held at Hayworth Country Club on March 3.

Hoffman is a member of Match Point Tennis in Goshen and also plays on his school district’s varsity tennis team. A representative from the Chabad of Orange County, Chana Burston, saw one of his fundraiser notices and contacted Hoffman to enter the tournament.

In a statement, Serve for a Cause organizers said, “Once again, we want to thank you, our tennis pros and coaches, Bereisheet, IDB Bank, and everyone who supported and helped facilitate the event; your unwavering support and generous contributions made it a success. Moreover, the spirit of our community is utterly special and is a testament to the strength and power of coming together for a common cause. We also wanted to praise and thank Shepard Hoffman, an eighth-grader from Goshen, NY, who was able to raise $2458 for the kibbutz!”