Goshen and Chester election results

| 03 Nov 2021 | 08:29

Town of Goshen


Joseph Betro, Republican, Conservative: 1,582 votes.

Kenneth F. Newbold, Democrat, GSM: 1,070 votes.

Town Clerk

Mary A. Riso, Republican, Conservative: 2,008 votes.

Town Council (vote for two)

Douglas Bloomfield, Republican, Conservative: 1,544 votes.

George M. Lyons, Republican, Conservative: 1,522 votes.

Jeremy D. Zweig, Democrat, GSM: 995 votes.

Kenneth E. Tschan, Democrat, GSM: 935 votes.

Receiver of Taxes

Carol A. Laskos, Democrat, GSM: 888 votes.

Judith L. Andrews, Republican, Conservative: 1,559 votes.

Superintendent of Highways

P. Broderick Knoell, Republican, Conservative: 2,034 votes.

Town of Chester

Linda A. Zappala, Republican, Conservative: 1,868 votes.

Town Justice

Sharon Worthy-Spiegl, Republican, Conservative: 1,781 votes.

Town Board (vote for two)

Robert G. Courtenay, Republican, Conservative: 1,443 votes.

Antonio Ardisana, Republican, Conservative: 1,268 votes.

Thomas E. Becker, Democrat: 1,146 votes.

Town Board (To fill a vacancy - vote for one)

Karen A. Ostberg, Republican, ORF: 1,099 votes.

Brandon Holdridge, Democrat: 1,088 votes.

Larry K. Dysinger, Conservative: 238 votes.

Receiver of Taxes

Vincent A. Maniscalco, Republican, Conservative: 1,532 votes.

Karen Lopusnak, Democrat: 864 votes.

Walter M. Popailo, ORF: 47 votes.

Superintendent of Highways (To fill a vacancy)

John J. Reilly III, Republican, Conservative: 1,575 votes.

James Peterson, Democrat: 877 votes.

Village of Chester


Christopher Battiato: 352 votes.

Village Trustee (vote for two)

Alan Battiato: 317 votes.

Brian Boone: 285 votes.

Village Justice

L. Fred Vandermeulen: 326 votes.

Orange County Legislature

District 10

Glenn Ehlers, Republican, Orange First: 1,976

Susan Bahren, Democrat, Working Families: 1,544

Orlando Perez, Conservative: 330

District 21

James D. O’Donnell, Republican, Conservative: 2,265 votes.

Neal Frishberg, Democrat: 918 votes.

All votes are unofficial until certified by the Orange County Board of Elections.