Food pantry, library team up to provide crockpots for families

Goshen. The organizers are aiming to have 75 crockpots to distribute to families in need.

Goshen /
| 24 Nov 2023 | 12:30

The Goshen Ecumenical Food Pantry will be partnering with the Goshen Public Library on a project aimed to benefit those that utilize the services of the pantry.

The organizers of this project are looking to provide people in need with new, in the box crockpots, and are hoping that Goshen area friends might be willing to provide them.

“Our thinking is that families could purchase a simple crockpot, no bells or whistles are needed, and deliver or have them shipped directly to the library, at 366 Main Street in Goshen,” a food pantry representative explained. “The library staff will display them as they arrive, and we will keep you in the loop as they do.”

Each crockpot would come with a simple recipe and all of the ingredients needed to make a delicious first meal in them, provided by the food pantry. Clients would receive these crockpots in late January to coordinate with Super Bowl Sunday.

“We think some of you might take advantage of Black Friday and post-Thanksgiving sales and make this happen. This could be a holiday gift to an individual or family in need. Perhaps you, your family, office or house of worship might join in?”

The goal is to receive about 75 of them; the pantry representative added that the first five have already arrived. “We know about all of the good that happens in Goshen, and that many of you will shop and share, which will make this project work. Thank you, friends!”