Chester. Kiwanis K-Kids plant a tree at Chester Elementary

| 03 May 2021 | 03:06

On Wednesday, April 28, the Chester Elementary School K-Kids Club planted a Prairie Fire Flowering Crab Apple Tree at the Chester Elementary School Memorial Garden in celebration of Arbor Day.

Members of the K-Kids Club who were in attendance were Andrew Grassi, Ariel Lopez, Tessa Moccio, Liam Peterman, Joseph Veltri and Connor Wood. The K-Kids Club was also joined by Principal Cathleen O’Hara.

The Kiwanis Club offered its thanks Toni Keglovitz, K-Kids Advisor for the Elementary School, the Chester School District Buildings and Grounds Department for digging the hole and Kiwanis Club K-Kids advisors, EJ Szulwach and Georgina Robillard who were accompanied by Jane and Larry Dysinger who assisted with planting of the tree.

All of the students got to participate in filling the hole and making sure the ground was properly watered and mulched.

Over the course of this year, the Chester Elementary School K-Kids Club have been learning about the environment and the value of recycling and taking care of the Earth.

In the upcoming weeks, the K-Kids and Ms. Keglovitz will continue to water and care for the tree. As part of their mission to save the planet they continue to collect bottles and cans for recycling. The proceeds of these collections go to the Kiwanis International Eliminate Program, which is serving to eliminate Neo-natal tetanus throughout the World.