Where's the appreciation for pharmacy's 36 years of service?

10 Jul 2019 | 12:38

To the Editor:
I was disappointed in your recent article regarding the closing of our local pharmacy. Yes, Baxters closed abruptly and we are all disappointed that John Nemeth and is staff will no longer be there to fill our prescriptions and offer us professional advice and guidance. However, Mr. Nemeth gave 36 years of service to our families.
Where is the appreciation, recognition and respect this man deserves on his retirement? Instead, he is portrayed as a villain who abandoned his customers.
Unfortunately, independent businesses just like Baxters are finding it increasingly difficult to survive under the weight of ever increasing overhead and are being swallowed up by the big chains. As for John and his staff, thank you for the 36 years and the memories of our local, hometown pharmacy.
The Murray Family