We spoke, they listened

27 Jun 2019 | 01:21

    To the Editor:
    As session came to an end, it was nice to see Senator James Skoufis and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt working in true bi-partisan fashion. We have been working closely with both of them for more than a year discussing Chester’s Preservation and PDR/Transfer Tax.
    Senator James Skoufis pushed the transfer tax through the Senate for Chester because that is exactly what the residents and town wanted. Senator Skoufis put it forward as our assemblyman, and now as our senator, after it failed the previous year. This is a clear example of government listening to its constituents. We are grateful for Senator Skoufis and his willingness to move this forward. He was available through the entire process and was always a straight shooter.
    Assemblyman Colin Schmitt has supported Chester’s Preservation from day one. Before he was elected, he made a strong effort to understand the issues Chester faces. He visited several areas of the town with us and made a promise to support Chester in their efforts. Colin came through with that promise and passed the transfer tax through the assembly for Chester.
    Bipartisanship is needed now more than ever. We all need to work together.
    The transfer tax, now having passed both the senate and assembly, heads to the governor to sign. He has until the end of the year to sign it. Chester is a beautiful community and we are hoping the governor does the right thing and signs this for Chester and its residents. There is no reason for him to be selective; Warwick has had this in place. We urge the governor to please sign this bill so we can continue to preserve our rural character.
    Preserve Chester