‘We’re tired of the name-calling’

| 29 Sep 2021 | 03:17

    No resolution was proposed by Republicans against mandatory vaccines last Friday.

    Orange County Legislative Chairman Steve Brescia and Tom Faggione backed down under pressure from other members. That letter in your Sept. 24 issue was simply campaign demagoguery from ten OC candidates for office and 13 Democrat leaders to attack those they call “Anti-Vaxxers,” aka Republicans.

    No diversity of opinion is tolerated by the OC Legislature, don’t even try it.

    A million Americans have recovered from Covid-19 since 2020 and have strong Natural Immunity. We are not a threat to anyone’s health, nor are we clogging up hospitals. Yet, we are vilified like Typhoid Mary because Pfizer needs another Booster? No, we are the ones with Herd Immunity from our own antibodies.

    It’s not our fault the Pfizer Vax only works for five months. We are not in a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,” no matter how often they say it. Hospitals are full of vaccinated people suffering serious side effects from the shot. No wonder nurses are quitting rather than getting the Vaccine. Pregnant women and nursing mothers also refuse to take the risk, as do those with chronic heart or lung conditions.

    One-size-fits-all Vaccine Mandates are unconscionable. The Covid-19 survival rate is still 99.7%. We are not idiots. As for the common good, Albert Camus said: “The welfare of the people has always been the alibi of tyrants.” Communists are all about the workers, the collective, the Party. Americans are about the rights of the Individual.

    We do not force medical treatment on American Citizens without Informed Consent. We are not under Martial Law. The United States observes The Nuremberg Code of 1947, as do all civilized countries in the Free World. We are not China or N. Korea, or thank God, Australia.

    One last thing, all elected officials in Orange County, NY and Wash. DC are EXEMPT from the Covid-19 Mandates. So spare us the hysteria and blatant hypocrisy about “Anti-Vaxxers.” We’re tired of the name-calling. We are not to blame for this disease.

    Deborah C. Diltz