‘ The outcome is up to each of us’

| 09 Aug 2020 | 07:30

    I would like to offer a response to Ranisha Singh’s long three column diatribe last week against both my short 200-word letter of July 24, as well as the excellent, heartfelt letter by former Police Officer Daniel Forst on the same date.

    Ranisha Singh accused us both of “gaslighting the truth about systemic Racism” and “challenged us see change that questions our privilege.”

    That I must “confront the systems of oppression that exist and how I benefit from them and realize my life is the way it is because of my skin color....”

    My response to all that is simply God Bless America.

    Where a fairly recent immigrant can speak her mind to her heart’s content and not be arrested.

    Where she is free to judge our entire history on current events.

    Where her family chose to come, because America is the most successful diverse country in the World, as well as the most tolerant and generous.

    Where 78 percent of our Black Americans live in the suburbs, not the inner cities and are doing very well.

    Where the new Rasmussen Poll says an unprecedented 36 percent of Black voters support President Trump and all is not what it seems in BLM’s world view. BLM was founded by Marxist/Anarchists who have destroyed more Black lives and Black businesses than they’ve helped. All their donations go directly to the Democrat National Committee and our cities lie in smoking ruins.

    Yes, Black Lives Matter, but not to BLM.

    We are indeed all created equal. That means we have equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. The outcome is up to each of us, our choices and our own hard work and individual responsibility. Our rights are unalienable and God-given to each of us. Guard them with your life. Tear them down at your peril. You’ll never get them back.

    Deborah C. Diltz