'New York State has a long and storied legal tradition of local zoning'

22 Jan 2020 | 06:08

    NYS Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C,I-New Windsor) submitted the following statement in response the letter he received from Livy Schwartz, who is developing the Greens at Chester project. Recently, the letter was published in The Chronicle and The Photo News.

    The attorney general’s decision to legally intervene on behalf of a private developer against the Town of Chester and Orange County is both unprecedented and unwarranted in this situation.

    Notwithstanding Mr. Schwartz’s assertions, I believe the attorney general’s actions to benefit one private developer demonstrates a failure to understand the history of this project, the basis for our community’s opposition and the degree to which local residents have been victimized by improper conduct.

    While the attorney general has not yet responded to my request for a meeting to discuss these various issues and the full series of facts, I once again urge her to join me in the Town of Chester to gain first-hand knowledge about this matter.

    By meeting with a diverse group of area residents, the attorney general will have an opportunity to discuss the numerous concerns related to her legal intervention and the past lack of action taken by the attorney general’s office to protect all residents from housing discrimination-related issues in our region.

    New York State has a long and storied legal tradition of local zoning authority and the ability for each community to self determine their destiny. The attorney general’s action impacting Chester and Orange County seeks to undermine the very fabric of how our state has operated in this regard for generations.

    Rest assured that I will never stop fighting for the constituents and communities I represent. I am hopeful that the attorney general shares this same commitment and will accept my invitation.

    NYS Assemblyman Colin Schmitt

    New Windsor