Many questions still unanswered about the proposed Broccoli Patch Distillery

15 Jan 2020 | 12:16

    To the Editor:

    As a resident of Chester with detailed knowledge about distillation, I’m writing to you about the proposed Broccoli Patch Distillery.

    I’m concerned about the construction and installation of a distillery in a residential area. The following questions regarding the Broccoli Patch proposal need to be raised and fully answered:

    • What is your proof gallon capacity per year?

    • How many barrels will be produced per year?

    • What size still?

    • What size distillery?

    • On-site or offsite storage of the barrels?

    • What is the plan for storing the barrels? Pallets? Racks? Ricks?

    • What other distillates besides bourbon are planned to be produced?

    • Where is the waste going?

    • If waste is going to local farmers, which farmers specifically?

    • Fuel source for distillery?

    • Water source for distillery?

    • Is the Town of Chester Fire Department involved in the planning meetings?

    • Will the milling of the grains be on site or offsite?

    • What are the containment plans?

    The preceding questions should be fully addressed well in advance of development of a commercial distillery in a residential area. Typically, a spirits distillery is built in a rural area such as farmland or an industrial park for a myriad of reasons. The factors would include but are not limited to fir, explosion, waste, water contamination, water runoff, black fungus, and air contamination from waste.

    Hopefully this information has provided some insight into the perils of a residential distillery.

    John W. Schrepel