‘It is time to send Steve Brescia to the state senate’

26 Oct 2020 | 01:05

    Many of us support preservation of land and natural resources using the PDR program like they have had in Warwick for many years.

    The Orange County Legislature, in a bipartisan move led by Steve Brescia, unanimously requested a state law to provide countywide land and natural resource protection options through PDR.

    This request has a lot of support but is being blocked by one man according to recent media reports: Senator James Skoufis.

    It is disappointing that Senator Skoufis is blocking community preservation programs. We cannot make new land. We also cannot take back destruction of water systems. This bill for the full county PDR program is what we need. Stop standing in the way James Skoufis.

    It appears it is time to send Steve Brescia to the state senate since James Skoufis won’t pass countywide land and water protections.

    Robert Andreala