Ignore appalling survey about the Greens at Chester

10 Jun 2019 | 04:01

    Editor's note: Stephen Keahon, a candidate for Chester councilman, has issued a statement (below) about a survey circulating around town pertaining to the Greens at Chester. Please see screen grabs posted by Chester residents that show texts they've received asking leading questions like "Hasidic Jewish residents of The Greens will get the town to make changes that impact everyone else in order to accommodate their religious customs," with choices ranging from "very concerning" to "not concerning at all" and "no opinion." Another text offers a $10 Amazon gift card for filling out a survey about the Greens:
    It has been reported by many in the town at this point that there is a survey going around asking questions about the Greens at Chester.
    I find these questions to be extremely biased and is attempting to make the residents of Chester appear anti-Semitic.
    This poll is asking directly about the residents' opinion about the Greens at Chester and their concern for it. It goes on to specifically mention the concern is about the potential of a Hasidic community.
    I find this poll downright appalling. There is absolutely no reason to bring religion into the questions. These questions are trying to manipulate our answers.
    Anyone has a right to purchase a home anywhere. Race/religion does not belong in this conversation, and this poll is trying to make the residents of Chester seem something they are not.
    Let's make it clear, Chester residents and town board are not anti-growth. In fact, We support business and growth. However, it is sensible growth we are looking for.
    The Greens at Chester concerns are the outdated studies and the large influx in population and its effects on traffic, schools, water and taxes.
    We are also very natural resource cautious. We want to preserve our open green space and maintain our rural character.
    The town has had problems with this property long before the current developers. Our concern has nothing to do with religion or race.
    Once again, I find this survey appalling and urge all residents to stay clear of it.
    If you share these opinions please share and urge your neighbors to ignore this survey.
    Stephen Keahon