I promise to serve Goshen students, teachers, taxpayers with dedication, love, and energy

17 May 2019 | 02:46

    Dear Members of the Goshen Schools Community:
    I am a father, a husband, a teacher and candidate for Goshen Central Schools Board of Education. My experience, knowledge and core values make me a prime candidate to represent the interests of the students, teacher and parents throughout the Goshen School District.
    I stand with our students. The students of the Goshen Central School District face unique challenges that no other generation has faced before. They are asked to prepare for future careers, many of which have not even been created yet. We must engage our students in new creative and innovative ways to make learning challenging and enriching for all students. Students should be given the tools for academic success. These tools must include a challenging curriculum that cultivates and inspires them to achieve their own academic goals. These tools include technology that supports and enhances the instruction in the classroom, not replaces it. Finally, these tools must address the diverse interests and needs of all of our students. From the expansion of special education programming that addresses the unique needs of students, to the latest athletic fields to the utilizations of premier musical performance facilities, our students should be presented with the appropriate course offerings to utilize the tax payers investment in their future.
    I stand with our teachers. I have served as a public school educator since 2005. Starting my career in the challenging and rewarding world of Special Education and then in 2009 changing gears into my current role as a Social Studies teacher at both the middle school and high school levels. I fully understand the daily challenges that our talented teachers face with the ever changing expectation of New York State Ed. The pressures places on the faculty to address the needs of all of our students. To achieve at a highly effective level when there are endless factors that are out of our control. I stand with the teachers who welcome our students everyday with open arms and love in their hearts. Teachers who give their all to their students and ask for nothing in return. These are creative and talented professionals who we as parents trust with our most precious of gifts, our children. Teachers who deserve our endless support.
    Finally, I stand with the parents and the tax payers of the Goshen Central School District. As a father of two beautiful little girls who are only beginning their journeys within the Goshen schools, I am excited for all of the awesome opportunities that will be presented to them. The wish I have for my children is shared by all parents of Goshen.
    That they are safe, they are challenged, they are healthy in mind and body, they find a friend, they are accepted, they are happy. Finally, they grow to be the best version of themselves, prepared to face all of the twists and turns that life will bring before them well after they leave the loving protections of my home and our schools. Goshen has provided this to so many students throughout the year. With the proper leadership and support, Goshen schools will continue to provide this for all of our students for years to come.
    I hope to earn your trust and your vote on May 21st. I promise to serve the students, teachers, taxpayers and the community of the Goshen Central Schools with the same level of dedication, love and energy that they so rightfully deserve. I hope to build upon a strong foundation of academic integrity, curricular innovation and community trust that has served the Goshen Central Schools for so long.
    Should you have any questions, would like to voice your concern or would like to share your Goshen schools story, please contact me on Facebook @JacobGardnerBOE or at gardner4BOE@gmail.com.
    Thank you for this awesome opportunity and for your consideration.
    Jacob Gardner