‘History does repeat itself’

| 07 Feb 2021 | 07:34

    In psychology, the term projection is defined as the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal or object.

    After reading “Republicans must tell the truth” in last week’s Warwick Advertiser, I see that definition being lived daily by Democratic politicians and main stream media.

    But let me focus on several points the writer is referring to as Republican lies.

    1. The election was stolen: Please explain to me how 130 percent of a voting base is possible; how dead people can register for and receive absentee ballots and vote; why observers are prevented from actually observing a vote count; and video of poll workers taking boxes of ballots from under a table to count after stopping the count and forcing poll watchers out of the room.

    2. Courts did not validate the election: No court heard any case, which is a miscarriage of justice itself.

    3. Congress rapidly certified the results after the riot: Five States presented a letter to VP Pence requesting more time to review the results, even after certifying them, because of the evidence of election irregularities.

    4. Why did 147 Congressional Representatives still vote to question the electors: Because of evidence and what their constituents wanted them to do.

    5. Facts matter. Truth matters: Biden has said “There are facts, and there’s the truth.”

    If that statement doesn’t scare everyone, nothing will.

    6. Hold them accountable in court or the next election: Agree. Portland, Seattle, NYC and other elected officials need to be held accountable for refusing to protect their citizens.

    Why is it that all the Democrats have to say is that it is a lie?

    Why not have a discussion, and have both sides present their case?

    Why not do a forensic exam on the Dominion voting machines, which many atates are being reluctant to do?

    Me and 74 million Americans know why. Because they cannot support their position.

    So all they do is try to make those that oppose their views seem insignificant. It’s cancel culture. The truth will prevail.

    America, start reading the history books before they are burned. It’s been said throughout the world for decades “Never Again.” History does repeat itself.

    George P. Wilcha