‘He told me he was just doing his job’

Goshen /
07 Sep 2020 | 07:11

I went to Price Chopper in Middletown on Sept. 6 to purchase a few things.

I left the store, went home and realized I left my purse in the shopping cart when I was loading my car.

I frantically drove back and looked for the employee collecting carts.

I found Barron and asked him if he saw my purse on the cart. Without skipping a beat, he told me he returned it to customer service.

I ran in the store and after identifying myself they handed me my purse.

I spoke to Barron and thanked him and told him I will be back to thank him.

He told me he was just doing his job.

Hardworking young man and honest, I am so happy it was him who found out. Otherwise, I would have lost my phone, credit card and ID.

I went back today with a thank you note, and tip and spoke to the store manager. I told him he needs to recognize his employee Barron for doing the right thing. I asked if I could take a picture and he said yes.

Thank you, again, Barron.

Gail Stellato