‘A vote for Jen Metzger ... will be a vote for all New Yorkers’

| 07 Aug 2020 | 02:08

    As we get closer to Election Day, it is natural to focus on the choices for national offices, those for President, U.S. Senate and U.S House of Representatives. These are the races that are covered extensively by the media, and therefore command and hold our attention.

    It would be a mistake, however, to give less attention to our state elections.

    During the pandemic, we have seen as never before how important the decisions by our Governor and State legislators are.

    One of those legislators, Jen Metzger, the incumbent candidate for the 42nd N.Y. State Senate district, is a case in point. Throughout her term, she has worked tirelessly for her constituents on many issues. Specific to COVID-19, she developed an information and resources guide that includes current information on the outbreak and resources for residents in her district, and helped many obtain unemployment benefits from the Department of Labor.

    The pandemic also highlighted the importance of reliable, high speed internet service as a necessity for economic, educational, social and safety reasons, regardless of location or socio-economic level. Senator Metzger introduced two essential bills, which recognize the need for rural broadband service at an affordable price.

    Separate from COVID-related legislation, Senator Metzger has sponsored or co-sponsored bills on environmental protection, campaign finance reform, agricultural support, voting rights, and education, just to name a few.

    One would be hard-pressed to find (or re-elect) a more hard-working and effective State Senator. A vote for Jen Metzger on Nov. 3, will be a vote for all New Yorkers.

    Dorothy Kelly