Election results

07 Nov 2012 | 01:00

GOSHEN – Democrat James Skoufis won the race for the NYS Assembly's 99th District, in unofficial results reported in Orange and Rockland counties. His Republican opponent, Kyle Roddey, the Goshen mayor, won more votes in Rockland than Skoufis did. But Skoufis, the Woodbury supervisor, is pulled ahead significantly in Orange: KYLE RODDEY Rockland: 3,055 Orange: 18,331 JAMES SKOUFIS Rockland: 2,908 Orange: 24,170 Skoufis will take the seat now occupied by the longtime incumbent, Republican Nancy Calhoun, who is retiring. He ran on a platform with job creation as his first priority. He said he wants to increase the minimum wage to $8.50 an hour, repair crumbling infrastructure, and change the way schools are financed. "I'd like to get rid of property taxes completely and find a new way of funding local municipalities and schools," he said during the campaign. Village of Chester race Challenger John “Tom” Bell and incumbent Phil Roggia won seats in the Village of Chester, which is holding its board elections in November for the first time this year. Incumbent Carole Ann Duffy lost her re-election bid. Bell and Roggia both oppose annexing land in the Town of Chester that would allow greater density in a proposed housing development, while Duffy favors annexation. JOHN THOMAS BELL: 821 PHIL ROGGIA : 706 CAROLE ANN DUFFY: 555 Congressional race Incumbent Nan Hayworth, a Republican, lost her seat in New York's 18th District in the U.S. House of Representatives to Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, according to The New York Times. The Times reports that 51.7 percent of votes went for Maloney and 48.3 percent for Hayworth. Hayworth is serving her first term, which she won two years ago by defeating Democrat John Hall, who also served for a single term.