Jeanne Ryan's former horse farm selling for $380K

Goshen. Jeanne Ryan is currently serving time for aggravated animal cruelty in connection with the deaths of nine horses and the abuse of a tenth. Her former house and barn are located on nearly 50 acres on Gates Schoolhouse Road.

Goshen /
27 Aug 2019 | 01:44

Jeanne Ryan's horse farm, where nine horses died of starvation in 2017, is now up for sale.

The three-bedroom house and 10-stall barn are situated on nearly 50 acres on 132 Gate Schoolhouse Road in Goshen. Listed as a foreclosure, it's selling for $380,000.

The property needs repairs. The realtor, Real Estate United, describes it as "an equestrian's dream."

Ryan, 53, is currently serving a two-year sentence in Orange County Jail. After a bench trial last fall, she was found guilty of 10 felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals in connection with the death of nine horses and the abuse of a 10th horse, Shamus, who survived.

Ryan is due to be released the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 20, according to the jail's records department.