Easily Get Your New York State Medical Marijuana Card Online

| 02 Oct 2017 | 05:08

Easily Get Your New York State Medical Marijuana Card Online

Do you still need a medical marijuana card in New York State?

Yes, but did you know that New Yorkers can get their mmj evaluations online? The medical forms, the doctor's visit, and evaluation can all be completed online from the convenience and privacy or your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. No more frustrating searches for “medical marijuana evaluations near me” or “medical marijuana dispensaries near me.”

Thanks to NuggMD, the country's oldest and most trusted medical marijuana telemedicine hub, getting a medical marijuana card in New York State is easier than ordering a pizza online.

Since 2014, NuggMD has helped over a hundred thousand mmj doctors and patients across the country, and their online system is streamlined and more efficient as all the bugs have been ironed out.

First, you'll need a valid NY state driver's license or picture ID as proof of residency (like a U.S. passport). Next, visit NuggMD to be connected with a licensed New York physician trained in cannabis therapy.

Fill out a short medical history form then be connected to your 420 doc via video conference for a 5-10 minute private consultation (take longer if needed). No head-scratching, long waits or skateboard-wielding teenagers to contend with; just compassionate help and sound advice from NY medical marijuana card.

It's slightly ironic that the NYS Medical Marijuana Program doesn't allow cannabis flower, but that's a glitch that'll soon be addressed by the state Health Commission. In the meantime, you New York patients can enjoy dabbable oils and other concentrates.

Once approved for a New York medical cannabis card online, you'll receive a hard copy via mail within days. But while buying cannabis in California is easy, the process in New York is more complex.

Not to worry; NuggMD will steer you towards the best nearby dispensaries and share information with the cannabis community about the latest developments and the best mmj products available. Look out for Nugg's marijuana delivery coming to NY too!

You could do it alone, but the New York medical marijuana program website is a complex and difficult beast to navigate. NuggMD, on the other hand, has simplified the process, making it easy to access your certification across any digital platform.

Best of all, the total cost for the evaluation, medical marijuana prescription, and a mmj card (valid for one year) is just $199, and you pay nothing unless approved!
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