Why Orange County Families Choose Mira Vie Senior Living for their Loved Ones

Find out why so many local seniors call Mira Vie home.

| 10 Jul 2024 | 04:49

Making the decision to move a loved one into senior assisted living is never an easy one. With a plethora of facilities, each with different care options and amenities, making a choice can be overwhelming.

Mira Vie Senior Living in West Milford, New Jersey makes the decision easy. With four different levels of care, an abundance of lifestyle and wellness amenities and a dedication to improved quality of life for residents, Mira Vie is prepared to meet residents where they are, making their comfort, safety and happiness top priority.

On the fence about which senior living facility is best for your loved one? Here’s three reasons why Orange County residents choose Mira Vie:

1. Increased freedom for residents

Staff at Mira Vie are trained to understand and highly value the freedom of their residents. Many staff members have worked at Mira Vie for over five years, and a number of staff members have been a part of the team for over 15 years.

Mira Vie’s knowledgeable, professional employees help residents ease into assisted living, providing peace of mind for families and individuals alike.

“Many residents don’t want to come at first,” said Cari Ohlandt, Mira Vie’s Director of Sales. But at Mira Vie, residents quickly adjust – and find themselves right at home.

“The number one thing residents say is that once they move to assisted living, they have more freedom,” explained Ohlandt.

Each residence at Mira Vie is designed as apartment-style living. Residents can call and request assistance at any time, but staff members also trained to value residents’ independence.

“We’re set up much more like a home than a nursing home,” Ohlandt said.

2. Top-Tier Amenities

Mira Vie provides activities and services that make life easy and fun for residents. Activity programming begins at 9:15 a.m. and goes until 4:30 p.m. every day. Residents can attend movie nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays after dinner, or get together and play games on the patio or front porch.

Nestled in the Kittatinnies, Mira Vie West Milford has a scenic backyard with a couple of nearby lakes. Residents can explore the walking trails around the facility and enjoy outdoor activities during warmer months.

A shuttle bus service is provided to residents at Mira Vie that allows them to get their own groceries, attend appointments and spend time outside of the facility. On Wednesdays, residents have the option to go on a lunch outing and on Fridays, the shuttle bus takes them to the library.

An on-site primary care physician, speech therapist, physical therapist and occupational therapist make care and comfort easily accessible for residents.

“We’re here to provide support in a dignified manner,” Ohlandt said.

3. Individualized Care Programs and Living Options

Mira Vie’s four levels of living make it possible to house and care for more residents with varying needs.

Independent Living is intended to remove the burden of homeownership and upkeep from seniors and does not provide medical care.

Assisted Living features 10 levels of care. At the lower level, residents live a mostly independent lifestyle, and just get help remembering to take vitamins and medications. On the higher end of care, residents recieve help with all activities of daily life, such as grooming and using the restroom.

The talented professionals at Mira Vie provide exemplary care every step of the way, providing individualized care plans to each assisted living resident.

“We manage our residents’ needs at every level, from simple medication management, up to a very high level of medical care,” explained Ohlandt. Immediate openings are available in Independent and Assisted Living

Mira Vie’s award-winning Memory Care is designed for residents with a dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It’s a secure unit – it remains locked to keep residents safe and prevent wandering. Memory Care features activities and therapies that improve cognitive function, like music and art therapy.

Respite Care is Mira Vie’s short-term residency option. It allows caregivers to go out of town while feeling confident that their loved one is in safe and caring hands. Respite Care also serves as a chance for residents to get a taste of the Mira Vie community before committing a long-term residency option.

“Every resident has their own personalized care plan.” Ohlandt said. Residents have a consultation with staff before they move in to explain their wants and needs and ensure they’re making the most of their care.

Ready to make a move?

Learn more about Mira Vie online at miravieseniorliving.com or call 973-604-8435