District Attorney urges residents to play it safe this summer

Goshen. Urging care on the roads and on the water and with fire and fireworks.

| 28 May 2021 | 01:38

    With the Memorial Day weekend signaling the unofficial start of the Summer 2021,Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler urged Orange County residents to take care in their activities this summer.

    As the County, the State, and the Nation begin to move out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as we begin to come together again, everyone should focus on safety.

    Hoovler specifically urged care in the following areas:

    · Driving While Intoxicated. Everyone should be vigilant in how much alcohol or other drugs they consume before operating a motor vehicle or a boat. That vigilance is especially important when it comes marijuana, which has recently become legal for adult use in New York. Operating vehicles under the influence of marijuana remains illegal and remains dangerous, and the laws against it will be enforced.

    · Water Sports. Residents are urged to use safe boating practices, to wear life jackets on the water, and to respect the safety rules of their water sports.

    · Fire Safety. Residents are encouraged to take appropriate precautions when dealing with fire, including grills, fire pits, smokers, and bonfires. Care is especially urged around children.

    · Fireworks. Only fireworks that are legal in New York State should be used, and all fireworks should be used with caution, especially by and around children.

    “Summer is here, and the COVID restrictions are easing,” Hoovler said, “so I know that everyone will want to get outside and enjoy the summer and each other’s company. But we all need to be careful. Having been cooped up for more than fourteen months, some may be reckless in their summer activities. Let’s not turn happy times into tragedy. Take care on the water, with fire, with fireworks, and, especially, on the roads, and let’s make this summer one of happy memories.”