District Attorney announces guilty plea in domestic violence case

Goshen. News 12 reporter Blaise Gomez called police to their Town of Cornwall home, saying her husband had assaulted her and placed his hands around her neck.

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| 12 May 2021 | 07:40

    Orange County District Attorney David M. Hoovler announced Monday, May 10, that Sean Doyle, 38, of Cornwall, pleaded guilty before Orange County Court Judge Craig Stephen Brown to first-degree coercion, criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

    Doyle was arrested on March 18, 2019, after his wife, News 12 reporter Blaise Gomez, called police to their Town of Cornwall residence, stating that Doyle had assaulted her and placed his hands around her neck.

    The charge of first-degree coercion was in connection with Doyle having threatened and physically restrained his wife to prevent her from leaving the premises, the district attorney said.

    The three counts of endangering the welfare of a child were in connection with Doyle’s conduct toward three separate children.

    Under the terms of the plea bargain placed on the record at the time that Doyle pleaded guilty, the District Attorney’s Office will recommend that Doyle be sentenced to one and one-third to four years in prison when he is sentenced on September 9.

    After the plea, Ms. Gomez said: “This is a win not just for me, but for all victims of domestic violence. There is help if they seek it.”

    District Attorney Hoovler thanked the Cornwall Police Department for their investigation and the arrest of the defendant.

    “Normally, we do not identify victims by name in our statements to the press,” Hoovler said in the press release announcing the plea arrangement. “But Ms. Gomez believes that it is important for those who are subjected to domestic abuse to know about the help that is available for them. I hope Ms. Gomez’ actions in bravely coming forward in this case inspires others who are similarly being victimized to do the same. In this case, as in far too many others, children are also victims. I urge all who are aware of instances of domestic violence, or who are themselves victims, to contact law enforcement. Help is also available by calling Fearless Hudson Valley, Inc. (formerly known as Safe Homes of Orange County) at 845 562-5340.”